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IHM Pilgrimage to Germany and Belgium

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the IHM Germany and Belgium pilgrimage blog. Going on a pilgrimage is one of the most ancient and traditional means of deepening one's faith. On this journey, we will be praying and enjoying the many sights and experiences of Germany and Belgium. We will visit religious sites where we will have the opportunity to express our devotion to the Blessed Mother. We will celebrate Mass at various cathedrals, monasteries and shrines.  We look forward to each other's company as we celebrate our faith and enrich our understanding and appreciation of these special places with Mary, the Mother of God, and with Christ's disciples. 
Each day will be steeped in prayer, especially reflections upon the Gospel texts appropriate to each place we visit.  Each day we will celebrate Christ’s gift to us on the night before He died, the Holy Eucharist.  As we journey to these far-away lands, we will keep you in prayer and ask that you pray for us as well, for a safe and gra…